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Warpath, Metal Bash

Warpath auf der Metal Bash Bühne
(Quelle: aKerlin)

Based on „When War Begins…Truth Disappears“: heavy, mid-tempo thrash metal with crushing riffs; the style isn’t too far from the UK thrash masters Cerebral Fix, but the riffs here are slower and more aggressive.

The songs are long (6-7min), and perhaps it would have been better if they were a bit shorter because the guys refuse to speed things a lot except on a few occasions.

„Kill Your Enemy“ adds more speed in the proceedings and the result is more satisfying, and more diverse; at the same time there are pure doomy songs („Die Maschine“) and modern tendencies have found place in the band’s sound (the slightly boring and monotonous „Overrollin'“), plus pure crossover delights („Sign of Hard Times“).